Nice to Mate You

When finding the right flatmates
for your lifestyle becomes an exciting adventure

For erasmus, exchange students, internship or job abroad, gap year and all the international kids out there!

How does it work?

Introduce yourself your passions, hobbies, stories and more

Create your crew or join an existing crew of flatmates

Find a cool place to live together

What is your situation?

Are you Homeless, Existing Flatshares or Places to rent ?


You are looking for flamates + place

What can you do?

Create a crew with other homelessJoin an existing flatshareFind a place with your crew if needed

Existing flatshare

You are looking for new flamates

What can you do?

Find your next flatmates to join your crewRent your place to the community when you move on

Places to rent

You are looking for tenants

What can you do?

Rent your home to make it a place where unique human stories start

Flatshares created on Nice to Mate You

We brought together the coolest flatshare in da game

CrewCool kids never die

Had a blast with these young bloods. I would never started to rap if I didn’t meet these dudes. Now call me E=mc2. #BitchDontKillMyVibe

Albert Einstein

FlatmatesKendrick Lamar, Albert Einstein, PickachuFromErasmus in Paris