Nice to mate you?

Kickstart unique human stories

New friends,
new home,
new adventures

On NMY, you won't just find a flatmate, but a drummer with whom you might create a band, an entrepreneur at heart who might help make your ideas become reality, a drama enthusiast ready to play a character in the short film you've just finished writing or an unexpected friendship that will make you discover things about yourself than you ever knew.

No matter why you are moving to a new place, everywhere in the world you’ll meet people who share the same passions and interests as you.

We believe that each one of us has a talent, a unique identity to share. We believe that it doesn't matter where you live as long as it's with great people. Living with the right crew may help bring about brilliant ideas. We believe that curiosity, humour, tolerance and empathy are the source of cohesion.

This is why we decided to create Nice to Mate You to give you the opportunity to live multicultural and bonding experiences with young people from all over the world.

Surprise yourself and let people from different cultures tell you about their experiences and change your life.

Ready to live unique human stories ?

When we studied abroad we had the chance to live memorable adventures and create strong friendship with other international kids, especially with our crew The Foreign Affairs formed of : An inseparable spanish girl duo who taught us the true meaning of the word "fiesta". An american, natural actor with an exuberant and goofy personality. The indonesian Mad Max, a mix between the intelligence of Elon Musk and the craziness of mister Chow from the Hangover. An englishman who embodies all the subtleties of British humor.

In spite of our countries being several thousands of miles apart, we learned a lot from each other and we realized that we had so much in common. All of those people coming from the four corners of the earth have changed and opened our minds. This kind of experience shows you how it feels to be part of one same world.

The adventure is not over yet and despite the distance we still see each other. Since then we kept on moving and met more international kids, our new family. To pay tribute to them we have recorded a short video with our friends from all over the world and the friends of their friends who joined. You can have a look here.

We are international kids

Made by the community for the community

It's your story--our story--the story of a whole generation of digital natives born in a globalized, changing world. A world where a new community of international kids is rising.

Attracted by the thirst for adventure, curious to discover new cultures, different ways of thinking in order to escape from the frames in which we grew up, we leave to travel and live across the globe. Rather than learning to ask for the permission to act, it’s by acting that we learn. We are never alone because we are everywhere.

If we are leaving our country of origin, it’s because we have the need to understand; we create some distance in order to discover ourselves and learn from the Other. From our brothers and sisters from another mother, from their cultures, from their stories, from their dreams.

In societies where our dreams don’t fit, if we are leaving it’s to come back better.
To discover a new way to invent, to imagine new ways of doing; to engage, to experience all forms of freedom, and most of all, to experience new ways of living together. We meld the wealth of these experiences with the awareness of living in a global community certainly, but also within local societies characterized by their different cultural roots.

We recognize our differences and accept them to make a collective power: it’s the strength of our big, worldwide family of citizens, an incredible mix of influences where the question is no longer “where do you come from?” but rather “to which cultures, communities do you feel a belonging to?” Skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, or any of the other forms of classification, do not matter for us because the differences don’t scare us. “A stranger is just a friend we haven’t met yet.”

We are all are equal to understand the complexity and beauty of human beings; we have a lot in common and so much to learn from each other. Tolerance, humour, and empathy are the sources of our cohesion.

We are international kids. The world is our playground.


We are the International Kids behind Nice to Mate You. We have created NMY beside our study for our friends, you and the whole community of international kids out there !! We hope NMY will help you start unique human stories, like the ones that changed our lives by connecting you with amazing flatmates from all over the world.


Bancale means wobbly, shaky in french. Optimistic connected and lucid dreamers with a pirate mindset, our mantra is: Enjoy failing, boost success.

Entrepreneur? Nope. Bancale Team is first of all a crew of friends, always motivated by the need to find original ways to create unique things with humour and passion. Discover more on Tumblr.