We are international kids

It's your story, our story. The story of a whole generation of digital natives, born in a globalized, changing world. A world where a new community of international kids is rising.

Attracted by a thirst for adventure, curious to discover new cultures and different ways of thinking, we leave our home country to travel and live across the globe. We don’t wait for permission to act, instead, it’s by acting that we learn. For us possessing something doesn’t matter experiences does. We are never alone, because we are everywhere.

If we are leaving our country of origin it’s to learn about ourselves, and learn from others. From our brothers and sisters from another mother, learn from their cultures, their stories and their dreams. We combine the wealth of these experiences with the awareness of living first in a global community, but also within local societies characterized by their different cultural roots.

We recognize our differences and accept them in order to create a collective power: that is the strength of our big, worldwide, family of citizens. An incredible mix of influences where the question is no longer “where do you come from?” but rather “to which cultures, communities, do you feel you belong to?”

Skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other form of classification that exist, do not matter to us because differences don’t scare us. “A stranger is just a friend we haven’t met yet.”

We are all equal and able to understand the complexity and beauty of human beings; we have a lot in common and so much to learn from each other. Tolerance, humour, and empathy is at the source of our cohesion.

We are international kids. The world is our playground.